Changesurfer Consulting

I am a sociologist, futurist, ethicist, and institutional research and assessment professional with extensive experience with 

* data warehouses (Peoplesoft, SQL, Access), key performance indicators, dashboards and data visualization

* working with stakeholders on enrollment management, program review, institutional effectiveness, student learning outcomes, financial aid, planning and budget, curricular reform, communications and rebranding, retention, campus climate, student health, Title IX and re-accreditation 

* survey design, administration and reporting (Qualtrics, SPSS)

* predictive analytics

* teaching research design, research administration, and data analysis 

I have three decades of experience as a bioethics and health care policy teacher, writer and public speaker.

I have sixteen years experience managing non-profit organizations, including

* web design, content management systems, and social media marketing 

* conference organizing 

* fundraising and membership management 

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